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Some time ago, virtually all browser companies disabled all plugins. This means: Wherever I used SIBELIUS SCORCH plugin files on this website, you will either see nothing, or a message like: "This plugin is not supported".
Over time, I will remove all Scorch files from my website, and replace them by images etc. Meanwhile though, I have found another (maybe temporarely) solution for theproblem: At least ONE BROWSER still supports Scorch plugins: Sea Monkey. Therefore: In case you want to see the Scorch files, you can do so after downloading and installing Sea Monkey,and use it to view this website. This is the link: https://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/
When you want to use the materials below (and elsewhere on this website) you must install the browser plugin SCORCH (by Sibelius Music). The plugin allows you
  • to see the scores
  • to listen to them (midi)
  • change the tempo, and transpose them to another key (works fine normally, only sometimes it goes entirely wrong)

(download scorch)
klik hier voor een korte gebruiksaanwijzing van Scorch
click here for a short manual of Scorch
Important to know: after you finish playing an example in Scorch, you have to use the stop button
before any other example on the same page can be played (else Scorch simply does not start again).